Accordion and Operable Walls

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Accordion doors divide and separate space effectively while providing a superior insulation and durability on a two track system. Their unique design allows them to span curved openings as well as virtually unlimited heights and widths. Accordion fire-rated doors are accepted as a wide-span opening protective regardless of occupancy type and with no occupant load limit and are approved for all applications except Group H occupancies.


  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Increase useable space cost effective


  • Vinyl surface is permanently fused to the steel through heat and pressure bonding
  • Modular construction means simple, in-place repairability each panel is individually supported by its own pin and roller
  • Individual panels are constructed of corrugated steel for maximum strength
  • Liner clip system no internal connections
  • Dramatically effective continuous blanket liner fire-rated model available
  • Acoustical model available
  • Commercial office Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Health care retail
  • Hotels
  • Senior Living educational facilities
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